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The Best from Outdoors in Everyday Men’s Wear
29/01/2018 eldr

eldr is a men’s wear brand hailing from Aarhus, Denmark. The company is founded as an alternative to changing fashion trends and low-quality goods that you end up throwing away or leave to fill up your closet.

However trivial or thrilling it may be, everyday life takes up most of our time. With eldr we bring clothes and gear that are made to last and encourages you to get out and get busy – whatever the mother nature throws at you
, says Jakob Soerensen, Founder and Director of eldr.

Tough as Nails

eldr’s collection and the company’s partnering brands integrate the functionality and durability known from outdoor clothing and workwear into clothes and gear you can wear over and over again and will earn the investment you make in them.

For us sustainability is centred on quality and durability to make our products last longer and make our customers purchase with conviction. We don’t chase fashion trends. Our basic collection does not change from season to season since we believe that clothes, goods and personal style is about consistency, quality and comfort, explains Jakob Soerensen.

Comfort and Respect in Knowing what to Wear

My partner Rasmus and I have spent most of our lives chasing dreams of trophy salmon, fresh powder peaks and 20 stair handrails. We have hammered our bodies and gear in the harshest weather conditions and on rugged asphalt and rock for hard earned experience about which clothes and gear to count on. Now, we find comfort and respect in knowing what to wear and bring with us in our everyday lives. It is these experiences we want to pass on with eldr, elaborates Jakob Sorensen.

eldr has teamed up with a number of US based brands rooted in outdoors- and DIY culture to offer a wider selection of clothes and every day carries from the best craftsmen and bespoke manufacturers.

The choice of fabrics includes durable merino wool, heavy-duty canvas and corduroy as well as technical outdoor fabrics whereas the design is a hybrid between outdoor inspired functionality and contemporary urban men’s wear.

Info and Contact

E: js@eldr.dk
P: +45 2858 7255

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