<br>eldr is founded on an idea of integrating<br> the functionality and durability from<br> outdoors- and workwear into<br> everyday men’s wear


eldr is founded on an idea of integrating
the functionality and durability from
outdoors- and workwear into
everyday men’s wear

From the high fells in Greenland to rainy Monday’s in Denmark we have learned which clothes and carries really work and we find comfort and respect in knowing what to wear and bring with us in our everyday lives.

It is about clothes and goods that are made to last and encourages you to get out, get working and get the most out of every day.

Exploring Everyday Life.

Tough as nails for sustainable consumption

For us sustainability is centred on quality and durability to make our products last longer and make our customers purchase with conviction. We are in opposition to the excessive consumption of low quality goods and do not see ourselves as part of the fast-moving fashion industry. We see eldr as an alternative to that.

Our collection does not change from season to season since we believe that clothes, goods and personal style is about consistency.

When available we purchase local fabrics and sustainable fabrics with full traceability of origin. This is the the case for all eldr’s wool products. In any case we always chose fabrics of the highest quality, environmental certifications and the toughest durability to make our clothes last longer and keep our customers satisfied.

Out of Aarhus

eldr is based in Aarhus which is the second biggest city in Denmark. Our office is located at the “Institute for X” which is an independent urban development project

At Institute for X, close to 200 creative and entrepreneurial souls run a number of open workshops, cafés and shops with crafted goods. If you get a chance to visit Aarhus, you should stop by Institute for X for a new perspective on how to build the best possible neighbourhood in the city.

Our door is always open, and you are most welcome to drop by for a chat or to have a look at our products.

The founders

We spent our youth and early adult life chasing dreams of fresh powder, oceanic sailing and 20 stair handrails. We hammered our bodies and gear in ridiculous weather conditions and on rugged asphalt giving us hard earned experience about which clothes and gear to count on.

This experience has given us a high regard for clothes and goods with real functionality and durability which you will usually find within outdoors and workwear. However, we believe that this shouldn’t be exclusive for mountaineers or construction workers. With eldr and the brands we carry on our website we want to bring the highest quality and functionality of clothes and goods into everyday men’s apparel and provide an alternative to unsustainable consumption of low quality clothes and unreliable goods.

However trivial or thrilling it may be, everyday life is what takes up most of our time, and with eldr we wish to provide goods and inspiration for exploring everyday life.